Loving Lawn Care

Lawn If you think you must use heavy amounts of pesticides to grow a beautiful lawn, think again. A bright green, weed-free lawn can be yours by following these simple steps:

  • Mow your lawn only as needed. If the grass has gotten too tall, don't mow it down all at one time. Mow gradually, cutting no more than an inch off with the first mowing. Allow the lawn to recover for a day or two, then trim another inch. Continue cutting an inch at a time until you reach the desired height.
  • Water wisely. Don't water on a timer. Some grasses need more water than others, so figure out what kind of grass you have before you decide to water it frequently. When you do water, soak the grass through to the roots, not just the top of the blades.
  • Use slow-release, organic fertilizers. Most lawn and garden centers now offer several organic fertilizers along with the more standard varieties.



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Tide Waterusa

Is this what you are doing?
Now I realized that pesticide is not the key for a beautiful lawn.

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