Give the Gift of Green

... and we're not talking cash! This holiday season, consider giving gift to friends, family and co-workers that will last the whole year through... plants!

Among your many options:

  • House plants with particular air-purifying qualities, like pathos, philodendron and spider plants.
  • Miniature azaleas, rose bushes, hibiscus, Christmas cactus or holly.
  • A set of seed packets for the vegetable or flower garden.
  • A gift certificate for plants or seeds from a gardening supply catalog or shop.
  • Landscape plants native to your region of the country.
  • A basketful of tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs.


Go live!

Why not consider planting a living tree for the holidays?

  • Choose a healthy tree whose roots are balled and wrapped in burlap.
  • Keep the tree outside until you're ready to bring it in for decoration.
  • Make sure the tree remains well-watered.
  • Keep the tree inside for no more than a week.
  • Transplant the tree into a hole prepared before the ground froze.
  • Plant the tree with plenty of organic matter; mulch and water well.

Remember: If you opt for the traditional tree instead of a live one, make sure to recycle it when the holiday is over.

  • Put the tree in a corner of your backyard, where it can become habitat for squirrels, birds, and other local wildlife.
  • Trim off the branches and use them for mulch under acid-loving bushes and shrubs.
  • Participate in local tree recycling programs.
  • Chop the tree trunk into pieces that can be converted into firewood. 

Other festive tips to save some green:

  • Recycle last year's cards into this year's gift tags. Use serrated scissors to cut the front of the card into appealing shapes and sizes.
  • Make sure this year's cards are made from recycled paper.
  • Put E-mail to work and send paper-free electronic greeting cards.
  • Avoid wrapping paper. Use newspaper or brown craft paper that you can decorate yourself. Sunday comics also make a colorful, recyclable wrap kids will love!


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One great way to avoid wrapping paper is to put your presents in reusable cloth gift bags. The great thing about this green strategy is that it enables and encourages the receiver to use gift bags the next time around.

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