Energize Earth Day at Work

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  • Bike to work, car pool, use mass transit, or walk.
  • Encourage your company to sign up for the Green Lights and Energy Star energy-saving programs offered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Contact EnergyStar at 888.STAR.YES (888.782.7937).
  • Assemble a team of co-workers to conduct an energy audit at your workplace. Look for lights and equipment needlessly left on, drafty windows and doors you could insulate, inefficient thermostat settings, and other energy-wasters. Make recommendations for improvements that will save energy and money.
  • Get a recycling or composting program started with the help of Keep America Beautiful. There are lots of ideas and resources at their Recyling@Work portal.
  • Put up an Earth Day bulletin board during April that offers employees new energy-saving tips each week.


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Thom Milson

Where I work we keep the green thing going all year, I feel pretty good I work in an office that actually cares about these things. As a race Humans don't take the things we do and the things we consume seriously. Most people realise recycling and keeping green is something you should at home, but many people forget this is something to do at work, especially when companies produce much more waste than a household

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