Our radio ads about the connection between public health and the environment were recorded by actress Patricia Clarkson. Our goal is to help make the public aware of the impact environmental problems can have on the most vulnerable members of our society – our children.

To learn more about the issues covered in our radio PSAs and how you can help, please visit our Issues section.

Our radio PSAs (recorded 2005)

EarthShare's messages have appeared on CNN, NBC and CBS; in Sports Illustrated, U.S. News & World Report, Oprah, People, InStyle, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Time, The New York Times; and via many other publications and broadcast stations.


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Hi, Joe! Thanks for checking with us - you'll find the info you need in our Issues section here:

"Mercury & Human Health" - you can also always do a search on our site to find what you need.


Hey, I just heard a commercial about how I can go to this website and learn about how to address the mercury level in fish, etc.

But I dont see it!!!!!!!!

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